Transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa (TESCEA) supports universities,industry, communities and government to work together to create a learning experience for students that produce employable and creative graduates for social change.

TESCEA is a partnership funded by the SPHEIR (Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform) programme.



  • Will help young people in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to use their skills and ideas to tackle social and economic problems. It will support universities to better prepare graduates to secure employment, act entrepreneurially to create their own jobs, or meet community needs as social entrepreneurs.
  • Will support universities, industry, communities, and government to work together to create an improved learning experience for students – both women and men. This improved learning experience will foster the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills and allow for practical learning beyond the classroom that improves a graduate’s employability.
  • Will develop a scalable, East African pedagogical model that can assist other universities in the future.
This will be achieved by:
  • Facilitating new approaches to learning – strengthening the ability and motivation of academics to deliver student-focused teaching that helps students learn how to think, not what to think, focusing on critical thinking, problem-solving, negotiation and relationship development.
  • Strengthening connections between universities, local employers, and communities – fostering relationships between universities, employers, and local communities to enable the design of relevant curricula and practical internships.
  • Developing approaches and tools to enable scale-up – developing a CPD toolkit for lecturers including an open, online course to allow academics across the region to access training,advice and mentorship on curricula and pedagogical change.
TESCEA will actively address the inclusion of women and other disadvantaged groups by seeking diverse industry and community role models, and identify and address barriers to learning.

The partnership will lay the foundations – through knowledge, networks, skills, and tools – to enable universities across East Africa to produce graduates who have the skills and competencies that local employers and communities need to solve real-world problems. It will also change perceptions of the role that graduates can play for employers and communities, and the role that employers and communities can play in enhancing graduate employability and entrepreneurship.

TESCEA Implementing Faculties and Institutes in Gulu University
Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment and Faculty of Business and Development Studies were the key pilot Faculties in the project.

Others Partnering Faculties and Institutes include;
Faculty of Education and Humanities
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Science
Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies
Institute of Research and Graduate Studies
Achievements so far
  1. Trainings on transformative learning
  2. Trainings on course redesigns
  3. Learning strategies worshops
  4. Learning designers workshops
  5. Portfolio workshops
  6. Multiplier workshops
  7. Developed teaching policy
  8. Developed post graduate certificate programme
  9. Redesigned courses
  10. Reviewed programmes
  11. Established gender mainstreaming unit, center for innovation in learning and teaching
  12. Center for community engagement
  13. Developing east Africa model
  14. Stake holder’s engagement workshop
  15. Internships workshops
  16. Held Guest speakers series
  17. Conducted stakeholders profiling
  18. Collected data on monitoring evaluation and learning
  19. Developing safe guarding policy
  20. Developing quality assurance unit
  21. Developing gender desk office
  22. Lining academia with industries
  23. Gender responsive workshops
  24. Gender responsive pedagogy
  25. Gender mainstreaming in learning and teaching
  26. Training on monitoring evaluation and learning
  27. Profiling best practices in learning and teaching
  28. Documented graduate profile
  29. Trainings on lesson planning
  30. Trainings on programme alignment
  31. Trainings on  online facilitations and learning
  32. Training on assessments and evaluation
  33. Trainings on learning and teaching pedagogy
  34. Training on curriculum development
  35. Developing community of practice
  36. VC/DVCs Forums






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