Academic Registrar Gulu University Re-appointed

By James Onono Ojok

The Appointments Board Gulu University has awarded the Academic Registrar, Dr. Jerry Bagaya with a new appointment of a Five Year Contract. Dr. Bagaya’s contract was due to expire on January 30th, 2023 and his re-appointment commences effectively on February 1st, 2023.

Whereas communicating the Board’s decisions as of its 51st meeting which was held on December 5th, 2022, a team of management members led by the Deputy-Vice Chancellor, Associate Professor David Okello Owiny, and University Secretary, Mr. Obol David Otori, on January 9th, 2023 in the Council Boardroom lauded the Academic Registrar for a term well deserved.

The team also awarded appointment letters to the newly elected deans and heads of departments to take the mantle of their faculties.

Mr. Obol David Otori, the University Secretary/Accounting Officer clearly stated the role of deans at their faculty level since most of the activities are decentralized and the roles included human resource and financial management among others, there is a need for the Directorate of Human Resources to organize induction training to the appointed staff members.

“You are identical stakeholders and real leaders who must endeavor to exhaust faculty matters at your level and take charge of your faculties, I request you to handle matters amicably before forwarding them to management”. Prof. David Okello Owiny.

The deans include Dr. Ofoyuru Denis Thaddeus, Faculty of Education and Humanities replacing Dr. Isingoma Bebwa, Dr. Geoffrey Malinga Maxwell, Faculty of Science replacing Dr. Oyo Benedict, and Dr. Olido Kenneth, Faculty of Business and Development Studies replacing Dr. Olanya David Ross.

The heads of department who received appointment letters include Professor Mwaka Amos Deogracious, Internal Medicine department, Associate Professor Odida Michael, Pathology department, Mr. Musoke David Pharmacology Department and Dr. Ndyomugyenyi Elly Kuburobuza, Animal Production and Ranch Management department among others.

Gulu University also promoted over 7 staff.

In the interim, the University board also in the same sitting promoted over 7 staff and these include Dr. Anying Irene Winnie from Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer in the Faculty of Law after attaining a PhD.

Ms. Yikiru Peace, Faculty of Education and Humanities, Ms. Bodi Susan, Faculty of Business and Development Studies were promoted from Graduate Trainees to Assistant Lecturers after attaining their Master’s Degsree.

Dr. Onen Francis Sebabi, Ophthalmology department, and Dr. Opee Jimmy, Obstetrics and Gynecology department in the Faculty of Medicine were promoted from Graduate Trainees to Assistant Lecturers as well.

 A total of 12 staff were also officially granted study leave by the Board.

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