Arch Bishop's Visit to Celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph

Story by; Mahmoud Khalid, Assistant PRO
Edited by; Amelia Z. Kiggundu, Public Relations Officer

His Grace the Most Reverend Dr. John Baptist Odama the Arch Bishop of Gulu Diocese, on 21st March, 2023, was at Gulu University to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph with the St. Joseph Catholic Community of Gulu University. This was held at St. Peters church neigbouring Gulu University in Laroo-Pece Division in Gulu City.

In his message to the students and the surrounding community in general, the Bishop advised the congregation to avoid evil, be good and choose not to go to hell. “Whoever goes to hell will have gone there by his or her own choice, because God has mercy, therefore obey God all time and everywhere”. The Bishop said. The Bishop warned the Congregation against evil, citing the examples of Corruption and Homosexuality now mushrooming in our society.

He made the congregation laugh when he commented saying “I do not know whether if my father had chosen a man as a wife, you would have seen a Bishop Odama today. I therefore, would appreciate your love and obedience to God”. He added that as University students, they are viewed as higher examples and if they fell from their high level, they would tear into pieces.

Accompanied by other senior Gulu University Management Officials, the Vice Chancellor Prof. George Ladaah Openjuru, and his Deputy, Prof. David Davy Okello Owiny also graced the Occasion.

The duo welcomed and thanked the Bishop for coming to Gulu University and informed him that the University was blessed to receive three Bishops in one week.

The Vice Chancellor informed the congregation that he always thought that St. Joseph's Community had a church but today he has known that they were just being hosted at St. Peters Church.

“Your Grace, we need a Church for St. Joseph’s Community. I always thought we had a church for the Gulu University Catholic Community, but now, we either change to be called St. Peters or have a separate church built for St. Joseph's Community of Gulu University.” The VC said.

He added that “We look forward to collaborating with the Catholic Church to ensure we build a church for this community to make them get out of the university as responsible citizens.

In his final speech, the Bishop Prayed for all students to be successful in their studies, find good jobs, and if they don’t, then create their own jobs.

The DVC invited the Community to join the Anglican Community in a fundraising drive to build their st. Paul’s Chapel at Gulu University.

Other University Officials who attended the function included the University Secretary Mr. Obol David Otori, the Acting University Librarian, Dr. Ongaya Kizito, the Director Institute of Research and Graduate Studies, Prof. Komakech Daniel, the Director of Planning and Development Mr. Asaf Adebua and the University Imam, Dr. Babiiha Sulayman.


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