Teaching and Learning

The culture of excellent teaching is firmly entrenched at Gulu University across all fields of study. Our committed academics have multiple approaches to teaching and ensure that students with a variety of learning strengths succeed.

Good teaching helps students to excel and graduate in the minimum time set out for a degree. Our degrees are locally accredited and internationally recognized. We have agreements in place with the relevant legal accreditation bodies around the world, which means that, with Gulu University behind your name, your qualification will always be recognized.

Our educational approach has a strong focus on inclusivity and equitable access to education, but ultimately on equity of outcomes. We effectively use contact sessions in traditional lectures, seminars, laboratories, and practicals, together with the experience gained by using online learning platforms. This has enabled access and success for an increasing number of students.

Our teaching and learning approach is based on inquiry-based learning, hybrid learning, and community-based learning. This means that students can ask questions and do research in their field to learn and discover answers on their own; be taught in a classroom or other formal contact environment but also find additional activities, notes, resources, and videos to supplement their classes; or apply their knowledge in a practical way to help communities around university.

Additional academic development is offered to students to orientate them to the range of support services and offerings available institution-wide and within faculties to help students achieve their academic goals. These include tutoring, mentoring, community engagement, and advising services.

Our students have access to a range of extramural activities in sports, arts, and culture to ensure that their time with us helps to develop them holistically into well-rounded graduates.

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