Directorate of Human Resources

Gulu University Human Resource Directorate is committed to quality and excellence and our employees are core to delivering on this promise.
The Directorate strives to ensure that a diverse, inclusive, innovative, and exceptionally competent workforce is recruited, optimally developed, supported, and retained. To this end, Human Resources provides advice, support, and specialist services through central and decentralized structures.


Human Resource Directorate as a matter of policy, staff are required to carry out performance appraisal in order to assess the performance of each individual staff in relation to the objectives, activities, output, and targets of a job over a specific period for confirmed employees and contract terms, the exercise runs from the start of a Financial Year to the end. For employees on probation, the performance period is five months with effect from the date of assumption of duty.
Heads of Departments and Supervisors are responsible for the performance appraisal reports of their respective staff. They must therefore ensure that all the staff under their supervision are appraised within the specified period.

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