Project Vision,Mission and Goals

The project envisages commercial processing of cassava into food products and industrial use while increasing incomes of farmers through increased production of cassava. It is also expected that the research laboratory will improve teaching through generation of knowledge and products while the business incubator will spur business startup and address youth unemployment

The Business Incubation Centre (BIC) is another vital project funded and the ADB-HEST project along side the three new buildings that is the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, new University Library, and the Multifunctional Laboratory.

The Business Incubation Centre has a cassava processing factory, and various products are expected to come out of the unit once is fully functional. When COVID19 broke in, the cassava factory at the BIC was able to produce some sample of sanitizers and now is at the level of clearance with Uganda Bureau of Standards to begin mass production of Sanitizer for the Public as a business entity of the University. The Centre is strategically stationed to do more towards food processing, research, technological and delivery of practical skills

The Initial Products

The initial products of the project will be cassava flour, cassava porridge and starch for industrial use. This is besides the ideas and products from the research effort and business startups from the incubator.


Sanitizer Samples

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